The beginning of things

School starts Monday!  Me and 18 freshman chilling out in a class room for an hour and a half starting at 8 am.  And I’m not sure who’ll be the most nervous out of the group.

No pictures because the camera cord has gone missing.  Probably here somewhere.  You wouldn’t think things could go missing in a one bedroom apartment with one closet for storage.

Yesterday marked the last day of teacher training.  Today we learned all the logistical stuff we’ve been dying to know since day one.  Unfortunately, the weekend is not nearly long enough to process this information.  After a department meeting this afternoon (following a staff meeting, a character education meeting, computer meltdown, but before the tech training) I hit the wall.  It all felt like too much to do and to learn.  I mean, I can’t even pronounce half of my student’s names.  And I have special education students!  Nothing at Hillsdale prepared me for that!

But driving home after a long day at the school it struck me that this is the happiest and most challenged I’ve been in a long time.  Yes, I’m overwhelmed and irritated much of the time.  However, I do spend my days talking about the greatest books of the Western canon and bemoaning the fact that we have to teach not-so-great ones as well.

A friend pointed me in the direction of this Kate Chopin quote before graduating from college when we wondered what we wanted to do with our lives.  Although I’m not entirely sure I know now, but that’s another story.  It seems appropriate to share now:

“But the beginning of things, of a world especially, is necessarily vague, tangled, chaotic, and exceedingly disturbing.  How few of us ever emerge from such beginning!  How many souls perish in its tumult!”

And despite all this the refrain from the Mary Tyler Moore Show theme songs runs through my head: “You’re going to make if after all….”

Here’s the link for that theme song:

I would like to add that I am tougher than Mary because I have to drive in Boston.


One thought on “The beginning of things

  1. Yes but you had Jenny. She was all alone! I am not belittling your achievement. I dropped Mom and Dad off at the airport! They are on their way to see you!

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