Day 1

And it’s over.  Last night was a little sleepless.  The family knows what my nervous, sleepless nights usually entail.  For the rest, I’ll spare you the details.

Have a mountain of grading to take care of now, but a few highlights of the day.

My seniors said that they all thought I was going to be a male teacher.  Mystified, I asked them why.  They said it was because of my name.  Kjergaard.  Weird, but it is just a last name.  It scares me that they might have gotten this far and not realized that surnames do not denote a person’s sex.

Comment number 2 that I got over and over: Why would you ever leave CO?  They said it’s probably peaceful and full of nature.  Which is true, but Boston’s not so shabby.

Maybe the most fulfilling part of my day was unlocking lockers for freshmen.  Three or four really struggled with their combinations.  That was the thing more than anything else that made me feel like a teacher.  And it feels pretty good.  Of course it sapped all my energy, which means I took a nap, which means I haven’t even begun grading summer reading projects.

Also, we read a few lines of Eliot’s Four Quartets.  One student really understood what I was driving at when I asked them to read these lines.  But hearing that student talk about the poetry really made my day.


4 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. Oh dear sounds like a wonderful night! Poor thing! I am glad you survived! Now only the rest of the year left! You can do it, this being said in my most peppy voice!

  2. PS: There’s a Whitakker Chambers review of Atlas Shrugged that I read way back in the day that’s pretty nasty. Something about a voice shouting from each page, “To a gas chamber, go!”

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