End of week 2…

Week 2 is completed.  Not so the grading or lesson plans for week 3.  Saturday was spent in Cambridge at bookstores and drinking iced tea, grading papers and looking at this:

Not my photo, by the way.  At the center of the square some man was singing Bob Dylan covers and a few of his own songs.  Also lots of pigeons and small dogs.  And strollers.  Cambridge may be one of the meccas of cool strollers.  So basically, since the work I do never seems to change, the only thing I can change is my setting.  I’m thinking that in the future I’ll try to haul papers and books to different corners of Boston to take in what I can.

Happy Labor Day to all!  This may be the best thing about teaching in public (charter) school – we actually get public holidays off!


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