Welcome Season of Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness!

Fall is here?  Can I say that yet?  I keep asking the other more experienced faculty if it has cooled down for good or if we can expect another return of hot, humid weather.   I know fall is seen as a melancholy winding down of the bounty of summer, but it always brings about a kind of renascence in myself .  The gloomier and more grey the day the more I want to be outside.  I even went running this morning.

Friday night, I went to the football game against Lowell Catholic High.  I think I’m going to make a sweeping statement and say it was one of the more fun things I’ve done since getting to Boston.  Mostly because I (along with another high school English teacher) was treated like a celebrity.  As we toddled in 30 minutes late, encumbered (Senior english vocab word week 3) with heavy burritos and tacos from Chipotle, students shouted out our names from 50 yards away.  Who knew being popular and loved was so easy?  All we had to do was show up!  Oh and we won, and played really well, and the cheerleaders were fabulous (I was there to support the cheerleaders as much as the football team).  All in all, a successful Friday night.

At the school I continue to get more involved with the students.  Slowly but surely I’m worming my way into the life of MVRCS.  I, along with another new teacher, got roped into running Student Government.  This means I will be in charge of multiple high school dances.  Yes, I hated them then, and now I’ll be the chaperone for most of them.  Also, may be the faculty representative of the drama club.  A few students approached me (probably based on my stellar recitation of 37 lines of Hamlet) and asked if I’d be interested in doing drama.  My response: “Of course.”

So that more or less brings everything up to date.  Now I’m just sitting at the kitchen table.  And because everyone has been so patient–kitchen pictures!

Open shelving!!!
Thanks, Dad!
This is where the grading magic happens!

Disclaimer: the kitchen is nowhere near this clean most of the time.  Currently there are chopped beet greens waiting to be sautéed with garlic for a warm golden beet salad (I cook because it’s cool again) on the counter.  Also coffee ephemera (future vocab word?).  And the remains of a tart from my sister’s brief, but wonderful visit yesterday! (It was wonderful just to see her, but I also tried on several outfits for the upcoming week and got a much-needed second opinion).  I should probably throw the tart away…


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