Mistakes were made…

Today was a rough day teaching.  I knew I’d have these days, but this one really shook me up.  A student was so disrespectful it left me speechless.  No one seems to have remembered anything about Hamlet despite this being the second time they’ve read the play.  And I should’ve done a better job communicating my expectations for the test tomorrow.  I guess I feel like I’ve been wasting my time for the past 5 weeks.  I know that if I sat down with each of these students one by one they would be reasonable and understanding.  But when they’re together, things get ugly.

Teaching seniors is really hard.  They’re all very worried about college next year, and mentally they’ve checked out of high school.  Also, these kids have been at the same school since kindergarten.  That’s 12 years.  And this is year 1 for me.  Not necessarily a good mix.  But tomorrow is another day with no mistakes in it…yet…


3 thoughts on “Mistakes were made…

  1. Dear cousin, I’m sorry to hear it was such a rough day, but you are right, tomorrow is always fresh! Those high schoolers better watch out, or they’ll be tracked down by a whole pack of your relatives…

  2. I don’t think my struggles are identical to yours, but I do know what snarky high schoolers can be like! At the beginning of last year, the kid who was the Youth Board President had it out for me. I have a co-worker who is my age named Jordan, and every time Pete came to visit me at work, the kid thought it was hilarious to go on and on about how sexy Jordan was, and what a great catch he would be and how awesome it ws that we hung out so much (which we didn’t). He was doing it purposely because he thought it would be funny to make Pete mad and jealous! I was like, “Listen, you little poop, you could seriously start problems with my relationship!” Luckily, Pete is sensible, and now that kid is one of my favorites. But they can be rough! High schoolers are intimidating, even to world-weary 23 year olds. Hang in their cos. You sound like you are a great teacher.

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