A relatively laid-back weekend.  After the neon dance I came back and cleaned the apartment.  I made up for my late night by sleeping in on Saturday.  Went to Trader Joe’s for supplies.  I found these amazing mini baguettes that you can heat in the oven and they get nice and crackly on the outside.  Also bought a dutch oven, not the le creuset (yet), but a very serviceable Martha Stewart version in mustard.  It’s already been used for applesauce and black bean and pumpkin soup.

I talked to lots of friends and family, including my cousin and grandparents!  I made applesauce, black bean and pumpking soup (recipe from smittenkitchen), whole wheat and carrot muffins (barely sweet and delicious with a little pumpkin butter), and pumpkin butter.

I’ve been listening to movie soundtracks non-stop while I cook and grade.  It makes everything seem cozier (it got cold here).  And I think I’m finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel as far as grading is concerned.  The quarter ends on Friday, and I while I’m not looking forward to parent-teacher conferences, I will feel good about having a quarter tucked safely under my belt.



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