Back at last…

My apologies to any and all who used to check here for updates.  I promise to be better in the new year.  I think.

Just finished the first week back at school.  It was grueling.   The books we’re reading are short, which you would think would make for an easy unit, but actually it’s quite hard to come up with unique lectures for two weeks when you have one hundreds pages to go through.  If this were college, one or two lectures might be devoted to Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography and Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart.  But it’s over, and I can begin to anticipate the moans and groans of handing out Anna Karenina to my seniors.  This is now a shout-out to anyone who’d like to start reading AK with us.  I’ll send you a doable daily reading schedule!

My goals for the new year are manageable.  For some of you they may seem ridiculous.  But here they are:

1. Have all my clothes put away at once. Yes, this is ridiculous.  I have a lot of clothes though.  I have one dresser and one closet, so space is tight.  I actually just have one closet for my entire apartment, I might add.  I’m not even demanding that I do this everyday all day, but for a few minutes, it would be nice if my bedroom didn’t look like the Gap fits during holiday season.

2. Do the dinner dishes before going to bed every night. Again, another no-brainer for most of you, but I find it exhausting to cook dinner, eat it, and then clean it all up.

3. Do something outside of school and preparing for school. I teach, and that will always consume a lot of time, but  I should probably do something other than read books for school, prep, and grade.  I’m thinking crafts and a book club.

4. Run a race.  I have a friend, who shall remain nameless, who forced me to run longer than I’d run before.  While I’m not planning on running a marathon this year, I do need to run more than what I do now, which is nothing.  I am highly motivated by t-shirts, so I’m going to find a race that gives you a t-shirt at the end and train for that.

5. Mail packages. I currently have a box of books to send to my friend who helped me move out here.  That was in August.  It is now January.

So that’s my list.  Yes it’s mundane.  But it’s also doable (with the exception of the clothes thing.  That might take a miracle.), which is what I need right now.  I’ll give updates on how I’m doing.

Also, I’m thinking Boston should be a prime location for spring breaks this year, right?  Seriously.  Family and friends, come pay me a visit!


4 thoughts on “Back at last…

  1. Hmm… Haven’t read Anna Karenina yet…
    As for the race thing – YEA! It’s addictive. Find a good one (with a good t-shirt) by “shopping around” on Just go to the search box on the right and enter your zip code and running. Then you can find one that has a neat theme or route or one that benefits a cause you like.

  2. I appreciate my nameless shout out, and I applaud all of your goals. Make a sticker chart and pt a sticker for each day you accomplish them. When you get to 70 stickers ( the amount of times it takes for something to become a habit) I will send you a prize!!!

  3. The clothes on the floor… reminds me of our room in the Ramp during finals weeks (or any other stressful points in our lives).

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