I just finished watching An Education while grading a pile of English Mid-terms.  A wonderful film that I first watched on a plane to Paris, then in Paris with Hannah, then here on my couch in Malden (fake Boston, as some would say).

The English teacher, Miss Stubbs, continues to be an inspiration to me.  She is strict and focused solely on education (or so it seems).  Also, in the last 10 minutes we get a glimpse of her apartment, and it is a wonderful studio that is home to a baby grand piano (my dream).  And just like Miss Stubbs I would be oh-so-grateful if just one student asked for help.  Helping people who don’t want to be helped is exhausting, and caring more than my students care about their own grades and futures is getting old…



5 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. I think I would be your least favorite student because I always ask for help which I think would get annoying! You would be my favorite teacher though!!

  2. I love Miss Stubbs, and I love this movie. I have a bit of a girl crush on Carey Mulligan.

    And I agree that helping students who don’t want to be helped is exhausting! I don’t even get to the point of being able to help them with school work…I just have to BEG them to come to school, then BEG them to go to class, and finally, FINALLY, when miracles happen, I make bargains with them to try to get them to do TEN MINUTES OF CONTINUOUS WORK in said-class. They look at me uneasily like I am asking them to isolate plutonium or something.

  3. Do you teach them, Rach? Ditto on Carey Mulligan. I want her hair.

    My favorites are my kids who ask questions or laugh at my jokes. My least favorites are kids who don’t pay any attention until the end of the quarter, and they start asking lots of questions about their grade. And my least favorite question: “did you finish grading our papers/tests yet?”

  4. No, thank goodness. I just “tutor” them but it mostly turns into them skipping class to come hang out.

    As for Carey Mulligan, I want her hair, her real-life wardrobe, and her An Education wardrobe!

    Do you have any kindred spirit English lovers? Any Anne Shirley’s to your Miss Stacey?

  5. Oh that infamous day when you were so sick that we watched movies and dh (abbreviation to spar us the shame)! But was all the cheese eating and kissing Oscar Wilde in the rain worth the illness it wrought? Yes.

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