I’m back…

I left Boston. Now I live in the shadow of Pikes Peak. I think. I’m actually a pretty poor excuse for a Coloradan. I intend to start remedying this once I finish making my apartment more homey.

I now teach 6th grade history and literature. One of the biggest adjustments I’ve had to make is how much hugging I do in the course of the day. I get hugged in the morning, when they leave to go to music or Spanish, when they get back from music or Spanish, before they go to lunch, when they get back from lunch, etc. I exaggerate a little. Today I actually was privileged to comfort a crying child. She was so anxious about making up work she had missed this past week. I love the vulnerability of these sixth graders. This sweet girl just stood by the sink and cried instead of lashing out at me or her classmates, or complaining about the workload. And it was so much easier to see what the problem was and to fix it.

Anyhow, my apartment is old and crumbling. I guess I just can’t get enough sloping floors and interesting angles. And just to prove that I’ve turned over a new leaf, I’ve even included a picture of the bay window. The mid-century chairs were in my grandparents’ basement. I love the blue and the wood. The rug was a flea market find, and my dad crafted the little side table in woodshop in high school. I still need a couch. The window faces due west, so the afternoon light is wonderful.


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