On avocados

Setting up the kitchen has been difficult. Since I’m starting from scratch (although for some reason I meticulously wrapped and lugged all the spices I never use), I feel like my meals are never complete. Currently my pantry consists of soy sauce, almond butter, coffee, raspberry vinegar, whole grain mustard, and Dijon mustard, sesame oil, and l’arôme de fleur d’oranger. I like condiments. Or at least I like having them. Part of the issue is the fact that I have no drip pans for my stove. And no microwave. And apparently no normal food. Luckily, my other teachers (all of whom are mothers) feed me well. For example: today I walked in to find homemade warm cinnamon rolls. At lunch we all sat around devouring a mound of edamame. So I am by no means starving during the workday.

But tonight, I made what I consider to be my first meal. I took a piece of whole grain toast and smeared it with a perfectly ripe avocado half. Then I added a little sprinkle of salt. It was also a good reminder to myself (I’m looking at you over-stocked condiment pantry) that food can be simple and it can be delicious.

And because I don’t take pictures, feast your eyes on this lovely piece of avocado toast.


2 thoughts on “On avocados

  1. I recently had avocados for the first time…I’m not totally sold, but they weren’t as creepy as they look. Post some pictures of your apartment! I am dying to see!

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