To market, to market

Today I went to the Farmers’ Market in Old Colorado City. In theory, I like Farmers’ markets. I like the idea of knowing where my food is from (instead of squinting at microscopic letters on annoying stickers on my food). I like the idea of being in fresh air and sunshine instead of peering through plastic packaging in fluorescent lit aisles. And yet, the grocery store is so easy. At the Farmers’ Market I actually have to talk to the vendors, whereas at the grocery store I can scan my own groceries and be out the door in a matter of minutes.

But I went today despite my tendency to avoid human interaction (remember that I am with little people who have lots to tell me for most of the day, so I get plenty of socializing). The day was perfect, albeit warmer than I would’ve liked for a fall Saturday. I bought eggplant, apples, peaches, plums, and new potatoes for around $20.00. And then there was a wonderful plant stand. In my classroom I have a windowsill full of succulents. Children should be exposed to living things, I thought. I underestimated their desire to nurture and handle aforesaid living things. After a month of school, my poor succulents are drowning. Before I leave for the day I take them to the sink and pour out all the excess water. So at the plant stand, I stepped out of my introvert self and asked which plants I could water daily. I ended up getting a great discount on some beautiful herbs that the children can water as much as they’d like as well as taste. In addition, the vendor suggested they’d be willing to donate additional plants for my classroom and maybe help us start a school garden in the Spring. Good day all around, except now I may have more produce than I can eat in a week.



One thought on “To market, to market

  1. I love this story about the plants, Bethany! I think I’m like your kids – I didn’t know until I lived with a green-thumbed roomie that plants didn’t require being watered multiple times a day like humans. And I was just thinking the same thing about food today when I was shopping at Cub. I bought a bag of 8 HUGE “lean white meat chicken breasts” for $5.99. There’s gotta be some catch…no way those things get so big or uniformly shaped on their own. Northfield has a great little co-op but it’s too expensive for regular shopping =(

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