Weighed down…

with wonderful gifts from my students! Anyone want some homemade treats? Well, too bad. They’re all mine. Didn’t you know that in December teachers subsist solely on baked goods that are loaded with butter and sugar? I’m not exaggerating. I stopped bringing a lunch this week because I figured that someone would give me something and that I would eat it for lunch. It was a good week.

December in an elementary school is a beautiful thing. There are no finals; only a big party at the end of the week. Today we played history jeopardy (if you were in my class you’d know that Julius Caesar was vain and perhaps created the first comb-over, although maybe you knew that anyways) and had a lovely Christmas party in which too much sugar was consumed too quickly, presents were rapidly unwrapped, and in general it was bedlam for 45 minutes.

I gave each of my homeroom students a little present. My girls got jingle bell bracelets (which were a hit, but I get 11-year-old girls), but I spent most of this past week deliberating what to get 11-year-old boys. I went to Target twice, Michael’s once, and Whole Foods (what 11-year-old boys don’t love olives and cheese?). In the end, I went neon. I have to neon belts from Gap, and every time I wear them the boys eye them enviously. They ask me where they could find such a belt as that. Women’s side of Gap, I say. So the boys got neon felt Christmas tree ornaments from Target. As I handed them out, I made my apologies for not knowing what boys liked, etc. No need to apologize, as it turns out. Within instants the boys had looped their trees over their ears, looking like oddly festive pirates. Apparently ornaments can be earrings in a pinch. Who knew? Next year I’ll do better.


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