I always wanted to be a Forsyte.

Actually, until two weeks ago I didn’t know I had always wanted to be a Forsyte. But now…things have changed. What is a Forsyte, you will query. Well, a Forsyte is a member of a upper-middle class family in Victorian London. They believe very deeply in the right to personal property (they are very good conservatives). Unfortunately, they also believe that spouses and children count as property. Tragedy ensues.

The Forsyte Saga is actually a collection of three novels and two short stories. Rolling in at about 1,000 pages it is the longest Victorian novel I have read to date. And it might not count as Victorian since the last part of the saga was published in 1920 . However, it is full of maiden aunts, a dog named Balthasar, five generations of men named Jolyon, dark family secrets, etc. (really, what isn’t included in a thousand pages).

If the novel doesn’t tempt you, may I recommend the miniseries. It is not BBC, so I was leery at first. However, it does star Damian Lewis (otherwise known as Maj. Dick Winters from Band of Brothers). He plays uptight, possessive Victorian in such a winning way (disclaimer, he’s supposed to be the villain of the story) that A  (littlest sister) and I were quite smitten. Take a look. What’s not to love?


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