Just in case…

you need a song to pump yourself up before facing your arch nemesis. This song is featured in a wonderful scene from the new Sherlock (no, not Robert Downey Jr. prancing around in dress, but the inimitable Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman). Anyways, the song gave me the oomph to tackle the stack of dishes in my sink (my arch nemesis these days).

Speaking of sinks, mine if very, very old. Probably original to the apartment which was during the 20s. If I study its stains and crevasses for too long, then I get a little squeamish. Instead I try to imagine the many women (and men) who have washed their dishes in this humble, little sink. They were probably also frustrated by the incredible shallowness and ridiculous height of the tap (I always look like I’ve been in a losing battle with the dishwater when I’m done). The best things about doing dishes is wiping them with these. They just get better with age.


5 thoughts on “Just in case…

  1. WHAT! awesome. weird question: are they absorbent? I hate when inexpensive towels spread water around instead of soaking it up, you know? pointless πŸ™‚ But if they are–totally getting some for the new place (which, by the way, is Charlottesville, VA and not CO…i’m sure you know all that by now…sigh. another time i’ll make it to CO).

    1. They struggle at first, but I’ve found that they get more absorbent the more that you wash them. Cville will be wonderful! I was out there this past fall, and I loved the town. Let me know if you ever are in CO again!

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