“Every wink of an eye…

some new grace will be born” to quote William Shakespeare. Somehow for me that quote sums up how I feel renewed each week. Traditionally, this is supposed to happen on Sunday after confession, absolution, communion. I feel most reborn on Saturday mornings. I sleep as long as I need to (usually never past 8 am these days), and I wake up feeling like the day is full of possibilities.

This morning I cleaned up until I could see my pink armchair, Donna Draper. Why yes, she is beautiful! And what legs!

Then I stuffed all my dirty clothes into my vintage native american basket.

Then…coffee. Oh wait, I’ll make hummus first. That’s right. I made homemade hummus before I even had my first sip of coffee.

Ignore the creepy clawlike, German hands. Regard instead the bounty of smoked paprika hummus. I followed this recipe, although I doubled the amount of lemon used (but I was using Meyer lemons so maybe if you’re using normal ones you wouldn’t need to). Anyways, the flavor is so smoky, with just a little hint of heat from some cayenne. I will be snacking on this all week. Must go buy pita chips now.

Moving forward in the day I will probably have to make these. Nothing more productive than making a Valentine’s Day friendship bracelet for everyone I know. Thank you, purlbee.


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