Summertime an’ the livin’ is easy…

Growing up my parents always sang this song. I think it wasn’t until this year that I realized that it’s actually from George Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess. Thank you npr for helping me make that discovery (also, the entire song uses only 6 notes). Listen to the song here.

I have lots of lofty plans for summer. Some loftier than others. Lofty plans include painting my classroom and getting rid of all the materials that have accumulated in that room for the past six years. I also want to walk to the farmers’ market downtown every Tuesday (or was it Monday).

I’m going to wear these sandals. Hip, mormon mommy bloggers wear them all the time so that means they must be awesome.

Two weddings this summer. This means double the reunions with Hillsdale friends!

One week at the cabin. For those of you who don’t know, Clamshell Lake is the best place to vacation in the world. There is a sand bar in this lake and you can walk across to the island! Or if you are really wimpy and hate weeds you can make a younger sibling pull you across. This happened. There’s also the hidden cove with a sunken boat! It’s always a little bit creepy canoeing through there! And no cabin trip would be complete with out stalking Jake and Evan’s house. When my cousin Rachel and I were fifteen we fell in love with two waterskiing boys. Really we could only identify them by their swim trunks. But what trunks! Red for Jake and lightning butt for Evan. We spent many long hours canoeing the perimeter of the lake until we found their boat. If the water gets boring, there are always epic Sharks vs. Dolphins games. We have played ultimate frisbee, soccer, basketball, and volleyball in the past. The dolphins (the girls) routinely lose despite their benign and intelligent mascot.  We also fish. Actually, my dad is the only dedicated fisherman of the bunch. Walking to the deserted (and probably haunted) cabin has become a tradition. Only three cousins are brave enough to enter (Rachel, Sarah, and Ali). Only one has the bump of direction to get us there year after year (that would be me!) Reading is also a priority at the Cabin. Each day we trot down to the beach armed with snacks (thanks Grandma Berg!), towels, 55 spf sunscreen (half Scandinavian so you better believe we wear sunscreen!), and a stack of books. Sometimes we really want to take our books to the floating dock or the water trampoline. Then someone obligingly kayaks a load of books out so we can read and float simultaneously. Many of my happiest hours have been spent here, and I’m thrilled that we’re all going back this summer!

I also intend to tackle some reading this summer. I’m leaning towards some Middlemarch, but that may change. I’ve never read any Trollope, even though I own The Way We Live Now. My reading probably won’t involve any fiction written in the past twenty years. Unless Henning Mankell comes out with a new Wallander novel (which he won’t because Wallander has Alzheimer’s).

To those of you who don’t have a two month vacation…I’m sorry? I would complain about how hard teaching is, but I love my job a lot. I don’t get paid very much, though. And I’m not going anywhere exotic. Just the midwest (love it) and the near south.


4 thoughts on “Summertime an’ the livin’ is easy…

  1. Hooray for the cabin! I can’t wait! Evan is always number #1. I had a sad dream about the cabin recently that EVERYTHING had changed 😦

  2. Bethany I snickered my way through this especially about the sunscreen!!!!!! You forgot to mention how you will burn like a lobster and I will help you apply aloe vera on your back and aim the fan at you!! This year I feel the dolphins will get slaughtered with Stas playing on the other team!!

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