The wery, wery best

This has been a year of discovering dreams and wishes that I didn’t even know I had. I own leopard print jeans. I have four plants that are alive (three of them are cacti though). I may actually be someone who will always love sweeping fantasy epics (Game of Thrones, I’m looking at you). I’m also the team captain of Kjergaard’s Conwicts.

Each of our four sixth grade classes has a distinct personality. One class is athletic, attractive, and outgoing. One class is very sweet and gentle. One class is a little more rambunctious. I love my class the best. We’re seven weeks out from the end of they year, and I got choked up today watching them edit their three-paragraph essay about their concerns for seventh grade. They are, however, a little more tightly wound than the other three classes. On a day when I’ve been corrected 5+ times I would call them high-strung, leaning towards type-a. Most days I sit in awe of their intelligence and wish I had been half so smart in sixth grade.

Back to the conwicts. The other classes chose to be Cokes, Buffaloes, and Sprites (we’ve got an alliteration thing going on). My class voted on the conwicts. Conwict is an allusion to Magwitch’s regional accent in Great Expectations. Instead of the letter ‘v,’ Magwitch says ‘w.’ This has been a source of humor in what has been the everlasting journey through Great Expectations. And so we’re the conwicts. And now I will proudly see twenty-two children who suffered through/enjoyed one of Dickens’s greatest novels take the field garbed in neon orange and bearing my name. This is why I love my class. They think literary allusions are cool, which they are. 

Pictures of the shirts forthcoming.


3 thoughts on “The wery, wery best

  1. First, I am proud of you for the leopard print jeans. I am a little scared of them, but still proud that you were brave enough to buy them. Second, I love that you have named your students after a benevolent criminal. And that they are excited about it. This means you are totally a success.

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