My pied à terre

Welcome to my home. It is small. 575 square feet. And I really like it. I kept thinking I would borrow my dad’s or sister’s camera and take pictures. And then I kept thinking that I’d wait to take pictures until everything was perfect and just the way I wanted it. Then I realized that it was almost May and I’d been living here eight months. So here are some truly crummy cell phone pictures.

This is a wooden plate I found at the flea market. He looks to be a German monk surrounded by many coats of arms. I like to think of him as a little Martin Luther guarding the place.


This is the gallery wall. It is opposite of the bay window. It is not finished, but I ran out of big nails to hang the chalkboard, and the penguin bookcover postcards that I framed look kind of dinky. It’ll get there. Please excuse the over-flowing trash can and the plant that I am slowly killing. The chairs were my grandparents, and they are my favorite pieces of furniture in the whole place.


This is another wall of my living room. The gallery wall is to the left of this wall, and the bay window is just to the right. You can see the awesome closet door that I jammed shut for this picture (I generally leave it open and let it all hang out). The picture is this awesome fabric thing stretched on a frame that has pictures of many different herbs on it. It was cheap, blue, and educational, my trifecta of perfection. The bookshelf underneath was built by my grandfather. He also put the legs on so it looks all kinds of mid-century mod. That bookshelf houses my Victorian collection on the bottom shelf, and the top shelf houses Dr. Jackson’s freshman English books (the class that changed my life and made me an English major) and Dr. Conner’s history books, and on the very top of the shelf rests my Oxford books and all of my journals. Probably tmi, but arranging my books is my one type-a quirk.


This is what you would see when you walked into my bedroom. I have plaster walls everywhere so hanging pictures is tricky (yet another excuse for my unfinished gallery wall), so I came up with this awesome clothesline way of hanging my pictures. It’s a little busy, but I’m not really a minimalist when it comes to design or much else. I’m also planning on implementing this clothesline thing in my classroom next year for my timeline. It’s actually really fun clipping things to it, and I could easily con the kids into doing this job.


This is what you would see if you were perched on Donna’s arms like a velociraptor ready to pounce. I have two dressers. Both from the flea market. The little green guy is quilted vinyl. And I have fresh spider mums on my dresser. Fresh flowers make me feel like more of an adult.


This is another view of my bed. It is made today. I have real sheets. I’ve had jersey since freshman year of college. They are really comfy, but at some point you have to bit the bullet and embrace a higher thread count. I also have yet another white quilt. Despite the fact that I spill on everything and anything, I am always drawn towards white bedspreads. This is probably why I throw tons of clothes and books on my bed; I’m just trying to create a hedge of protection for my driven-snow coverlet.

The kitchen will be coming at a later date. Too many dishes drying on the counter.


4 thoughts on “My pied à terre

  1. Love it!!!
    Have you tried 3M Command stuff for hanging? My neighbor swears by them (uses the velcro kind). That might work without wrecking your plaster walls. Come see us when we get in our new place in Fort Knox, Kentucky and help me decorate! I think we’re going to be in “historic” housing on post. You’d like it 🙂

    1. I have tried the 3m, but my wall paint is all slick so they eventually pop off. I was actually going to ask you if I could visit after my KY wedding. I think it would be July 23 or 24. I don’t know if you’ll be moved in or ready for a guest yet, but let me know if it’s a possibility!

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