Life is not like You’ve Got Mail

Case in point: the sick scene. They try to make it a little more realistic with Kathleen shoving used tissues in her bathrobe pocket. She still manages to look and sound cute, though. The truth is no one wants to see the abysmal reality of being sick as an adult.

I got hit with a cold on Thursday night. It’s absurd how quickly you go from feeling well to wanting to claw out your sore throat. I made it through school on Friday by sitting down most of the day and letting students write skits about immigration. Yesterday was focused on recovery. For whatever reason, I no longer want any of the normal things when I’m sick. I spent yesterday eating so many lime juice popsicles that the acid burnt my tongue and the roof of my mouth. I also watched way too many episodes of America’s Test Kitchen. There’s something very comforting about Chris Kimball’s confidence. And if you happen to doze off you don’t really miss any crucial plot points. I miss being sick at home. There’s a lot more sympathy to be had, the tissues are a higher grade, there’s always a stray can of chicken noodle soup, and the tv situation is better. Also Murphy, the most wonderful dog in the world, will lay on your bed all day which is comforting even if it has the air of playing Russian Roulette (Murphy is a notorious bed-wetter).

The day wasn’t a total intellectual wash, though. I read through half of Marilynne Robinson’s new book of essays When I Was a Child I Read Books. I’m not sure if I agree with all of her political points, and I know I don’t agree with her theology (Calvinist I am not), but I can get behind anyone who says this: “In the First Epistle of Peter we are told to honor everyone, and I have never been in a situation where I felt this instruction was inappropriate” (pg. 30). And from what I’ve read about her or heard in interviews she carries out this biblical injunction.

Also, I got a letter in the mail from the Mass. Dept. of Revenue telling me that I was right all along; I did have insurance for the year that I lived in MA! I’ve been working on paperwork for this for over a year now, and it felt good to finally be finished with my 2010 income taxes.


3 thoughts on “Life is not like You’ve Got Mail

  1. I wish I could have been there to nurse sick you and watch TV! Also, maybe you didn’t look great being sick, but you sure are funny. : )


  2. Bethany, Could you please write everyday? I am addicted to your writing and need you to be like PW and write often! Mom

  3. I agree with Kristi! We love reading your blog, Bethany! I now announce new posts to Paul and read them aloud to him. (I love PW too.)

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