“I’ll give you a flat tire…

if you don’t show some hussle.” That was my mantra during our sixth grade hike today. This was surprisingly effective. It involved me sprinting a few feet and getting just close enough to step on the backs of a student’s shoe. And then they were off like a shot. It was amazing. When that didn’t work, I resorted to carrying their backpacks. I wore mine and another student’s (in the front Baby Bjorn style) for the trip back. When lightening the load didn’t work I remembered doing 15 strides in Cross-Country. For fifteen steps we walked quickly. Then we slowed down, and then I’d bark “15 strides” and we picked up the pace.  I think this was so annoying (I remember it being really annoying in races) that my stragglers picked up the pace and left me in the dust. At one point, B and I literally picked up a slow kid by the arms and ran with him (he was light).

All in all it was an excellent day. It was odd to be the encourager and the enforcer and not the whiner, but I guess that’s what growing up means. Or at least what being a teacher means.

In other news: I got an iphone! I was going to instagram the heck out of the hike today so as to have pictures to accompany the post. Instead, I was leading what seemed to become the death march (I was a little worried about some of these kids) and had no leisure for photography. But in the future, expect more pictures!


5 thoughts on ““I’ll give you a flat tire…

  1. this totally reminds me of outdoor ed. in 6th grade. and i’m looking forward to seeing some hipstamatic pics 🙂

  2. I had no idea what a flat tire was! Dad had to explain it to me-I NEVER did that to anyone, but Dad said he did all the time.

  3. Bethany this funny I can imagine you chasing after them. Were they better then your ninth graders from last year. Mom don’t worry I will give you a couple flat tires when I get home!

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