It’s all over

The school year ended this past Thursday, despite the fact that I have two more weeks of wrap-up stuff. The day started emotionally. I thanked them for the year and everything they’ve meant to me. We finished The Little Prince. It’s a book that is very apt for the end of the year. If you haven’t read it, you should. It’s only eighty pages. Then we played Capture the Flag on the football field. When we came in it was only 10 o’clock. Then I realized that we had two hours to kill. Things spiraled out of control. It culminated in us balling up everything piece of recycling paper we had and charging into the classroom next door, throwing it at those students, and then departing just as quickly. It took us about half an hour to calm down.

Yesterday, my wonderful tutor handed me this:

My favorite adjectives are ruler, grand, humble/proud, and gentle. They used wordle to create this. The biggest word (other than my name) is gentle. This means the most frequently used adjective to describe me by the sixth grade students was gentle. I’ll take it!

Now my blog will probably become really boring, because in the absence of my sixth graders my life has become very boring. Just a few more months until the first day of school!


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