Mama B

Every great once in awhile my parents leave the state, leaving me in charge of the kids. By kids I mean Stas and Ali (17 and 16 respectively). Yesterday and today Ali and I had the opportunity to split the role of soccer mom. A few instagram shots to record this momentous occasion (last time someone played soccer in our family was at least ten years ago).

Because soccer moms always have Starbucks.

This is a team that I almost yelled at for excessively cat-calling at an awkward teenage girl. Then I remembered that high school boys are punks, and I don’t look all that scary or tough. So I took their picture. In case I need to report them. Because this is such a clear shot.

Mom and Dad get home with the graduate tonight (CONGRATULATIONS, KARI!) and I’ll be off-duty. It wasn’t easy, but someone had to boss Ali around.


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