Decoration Day

We were feeling nostalgic about Decoration Day (Memorial Day). If you want to know how it used to be celebrated you need to read the first chapters of Emily of Deep Valley. Really, if you want to become a better person you should read Emily of Deep Valley. It’s on my Top 10 list. What better way to celebrate nostalgia by dressing up your baby sister and her best friend as a girls from the 1940s and taking a disgusting number of pictures? In my defense, the girls will dress up at the drop of a hat and were only too willing to be our (Kari was in on this too) living Barbie dolls. Warning: these are all instagram shots which I think are wonderful, but I realize that I’m a day late and a dollar short with this. Here are the best shots of the day:

Kari is skilled at all things hair and make-up. Toni is wearing the most wonderful vintage dress. I would steal it if I had the body of a fifteen-year-old girl again!

While there is no shortage of boys on the street, we didn’t think any would be willing to don the uniform of the middy. The girls danced alone.

That hair! That skirt! Those long, long arms! I realize I didn’t have any part in creating her, but I can’t help but taking a little maternal pride.

Those are some tough broads, lemme tell ya.

Boys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses. Although they’d be idiots not to.

We would call these Ali’s “big-girl pants” if they didn’t come from the men’s department. Still, if anyone can pull them off…

Mixing patterns! Staring down the camera with steely eyes! Good-naturedly wearing my sweating tennies to complete the outfit! She’s a keeper!

The jump shot for Hannah. Theses girls gamely jumped for at least ten minutes before I got one shot I liked. And they looked happy every time.

At this point I need to thank my mother for collecting so much vintage ephemera. The girls are used vintage water skies, canoe paddles, and a typewriter all lovingly curated by dear mama.

Truly as close as you can get to surfing in Colorado. Yep, two girls on water skis surfing Kentucky Blue Grass in the backyard. It’s how we roll in the land-locked west.

And don’t they rock the red lipstick? I need them to teach me their ways…

As Kari aptly told the girls as they lounged languorously on the patio, “We look so bad so that you can look so good.”

Please note that Murphy is going through a dark time in his life as far as his hair is concerned. He’s a cross between a rodent and a hyena right now.


4 thoughts on “Decoration Day

  1. They are some cutie pies! I also loved how they rode bikes, waved flags on the way home from Walgreens and got honked at! You and Kari were creative geniuses! (I don’t think I spelled that correctly)

  2. Here are the things in this post about which I am overwhelmed (in a good way):
    -Ali’s hair.
    -Ali’s hair (needed to be said twice)
    – THE JUMP SHOT. how does Ali get her legs up like that?
    -The clothes.
    -The fact that you have enough vintage stuff to pull off a shoot with this many costume and set changes.
    -murphy’s hair (ok, that is overwhelmed in maybe a negative way)

    Kjergaard girls just have more fun. They just do.

  3. Ahhh, how I love living on Mercer Place . . . Bethany, I also love your blog! (And your family, and the creativity, and the knowledge that we are at the start of summer!)

  4. You nieces are so awesome! Your pictures are incredible! Loved all the pictures and the attitudes with them!

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