Good Things

The title is a nod to Martha Stewart whom I will always love. It’s been a slow week and a half. School is over, but I haven’t started traveling. No internet at my apartment means I get a lot of reading and cleaning done with a heavy emphasis on the reading. I read a book of transcribed Nabokov lectures on Jane Austen and Charles Dickens. Then an old book of College Essays published in 1939. Journalling in cursive has also been a daily chore. We have to write in cursive next year and mine is pretty horrific. It’s my major summer undertaking.

I misspoke. The above is my major summer undertaking. After watching the new preview and getting a little teary, I decided it was time to step out of the Victorian novel bubble take on some Victor Hugo. So far, so good. Monseigneur Bienvenu has just given Jean Valjean the silver and told him that he now belongs to God. This will probably be my favorite part of the book, which means I may have a rough 800 pages left. I keep waiting for some delightful comic character, but I sense that Hugo has bigger fish to fry and I’m in for some heavy stuff.

Sherlock Holmes has a new cover. Enough said.

I found this awesome woven tablecloth (now serving as a bedspread) for $9 at my favorite antique store in Colorado Springs. Also, you can’t tell from the picture but my sheets are grown-up sheets. They have a thread count. I’m pretty proud of this step I have taken toward maturity and adulthood.

This combines two of my favorite things, ridiculous student notes and WASHI TAPE! To understand the note you need to know that I wear jeans once a month tops. Usually less frequently than that. I had no clue which jeans she meant, but given enough time and analysis I have concluded that these must be the leopard print jeans. No other explanation will suffice.

Gratuitous Murph shot. As I type this he is laying on my stomach occasionally shifting on to the laptop. It is hotter than you-know-what, but he is dedicated to making life miserable for the both of us this afternoon.


One thought on “Good Things

  1. I really do not want to be rude, but that girl’s note is very sweet:) Oh! I also love the type of dog you have;) Your blog is really awsome! Keep it up! 🙂

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