Euro 2012 is upon us. Like most long drawn-out sporting events the Kjergaards have a pool going. Pool play started last Friday, there have been two games a day ever since. I’m either proud or ashamed that I’ve probably watched 75% of the games. This is what teacher summer is all about, right? After having watched at least two hours of soccer a day for the past weeks these are the things I’ve noticed and questions that I ask myself.

1) This is a game for criers. I’ve never seen so many grown men on the ground writhing and wailing. There’s a lot of faking to draw the foul.

2) How do they communicate on the field? Obviously the opposing teams don’t share a language and the ref is always from a different country than either of the teams.

3) The games seem pretty low-tech and under-officiated. I’ve seen at least one goal (scored on Germany) that probably should have counted. And I will never get over the fact that there is ONE official on the field.

4) The condition of the field is a pretty big deal. The commentators do a lot of analyzing whether it’s wet/dry. And then there’s the Spain/Italy controversy. The Italians refused to let the field be watered 15 minutes before their match against Spain. Spain is now blaming their 1-1 draw on this.

5) I like their last names. Whenever I watch Germany I find myself  saying “Schweinsteiger” throughout the game just because it sounds cool. This is probably why I watch most games alone.

6) Moments like this will always make me love soccer.



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