The First Leg

About a week ago I took off on an epic summer road-trip. There’s nothing I love more than barreling down I-80 scary crying to This American Life episodes.

My first stop was in Ames, IA to visit Abby. This is my third summer visiting Abby mid-way across the country. In Ames we generally craft, walk by the river, eat excellent food (Culver’s or the finer things). I always leave feeling refreshed. This year was especially wonderful because there was an outdoor band concert. The kind that only exists in The Andy Griffith Show. It was wonderful.

Stop 2 was Ft. Wayne, IN. A college friend was getting married. It was, of course, lovely to see him and his bride, but it was even better to get a chance to see all the other college friends you only see at weddings. THE RAMP WAS REUNITED!!! My senior year I lived with three other girls in a rambly old farmhouse. It was wonderful. I’m sure I’ll always remember it as one of the happiest years of my life. So to celebrate we took this photo on a wall. Ignore my wad of gum in one cheek. And yes, we do have really good hair.

(This was from Hannah’s instagram. I never take pictures!)

I got to spend the night at a friend’s home in Woodburn, IN. They have the most awesome barn. And I worked hard to make friends with all the animals.

Then on to KY. I’m here with Hannah¬†preparing for her wedding (and by preparing for her wedding I mean that I’m helping with crafts but mostly relaxing at her wonderful home). We went running yesterday (it was not pretty because I am way out of shape, but Hannah traditionally makes me run), and providentially found a cat who followed us home. We tried to help her find her owners, but were unsuccessful. So we brought her home. And now she has made herself at home. This is a problem. If anyone wants a very sweet kitty….

Tomorrow we are off to Hillsdale to see Jenny! Then on Saturday I’ll be with Elyse at Lake Michigan! Sunday I head off to MN to be with my cousin Rachel (and cousin Hannah) and then off to the cabin. Oh the cabin! Such a wonderful place!

More pictures and adventures to follow!


3 thoughts on “The First Leg

  1. Love having you here!!!! I also am sentimental enough to really appreciate that your trip kind of begins and ends with the same people… a Hillsdale sandwich of sorts…

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