Late Summer

A week ago I rolled onto Mercer Pl. I don’t even want to count how many thousand miles I added to the Focus. The second half of the trip was just as fun as the first half, but it’s all starting to recede from my memory. I am so grateful to everyone who opened up their home and offered me their hospitality! It was great to see family that I hadn’t seen in years, and I’m already plotting what to do with my next summer!

Late summer at the Kjergaards’ has been idyllic. I turned twenty-five (feels old), and got sick with the left-handed virus (only the lefties got sick with an crippling summer fever/cold). There’s nothing better than getting sick at home. Other than being healthy at home.

I could have lengthened my road-trip, but in the end, I’m glad that I made it home for the Olympics. Watching the Olympics has been a full-time job this past week. Thanks to Gap we have vintage Olympics t-shirts that get worn just about every day.


As we started to watch the Opening Ceremony Kari and I clasped hands. I threatened dark deeds if Shakespeare wasn’t quoted. He was. And it was beautiful. Really the Ceremony was a hot mess. Dickens would have loved it. Shakespeare would have loved it. By the end, we were all more or less asleep wondering just why the parade of nations was sooooo long! Although, I did feel proud that England did things in a relatively timely manner.

The rest of the Olympic watching has been focused on watching as much as possible. As I type I can hear shooting in the background. I don’t know if I’ve ever watched shooting before, and I am certain that I won’t until the next Olympics rolls around. I am riveted by it. I love it all, except for water polo. I would watch a thousand swimming heats before I’d watch a full match of water polo.

The day after my b-day we were browsing at Target. Kjergaards browse Target on a weekly basis. You never know what you might find. I found Yoda. I have wanted a Yoda pillow from the little boys’ bedding section for at least five years. This year, my mom bought me Yoda for my birthday. I walked through the store, proudly cradling my new friend. Then I went home and terrorized Murphy with Yoda. I think he’s mostly afraid of his creepy paws/claws. Or my Yoda voice.

School starts in about two weeks. Posts will probably get funnier and more regular, but it has been a glorious summer!



One thought on “Late Summer

  1. So jealous of your Yoda, and the fact that you got to watch the opening ceremonies, which I missed (silly honeymoon) and can’t find any place to watch online.

    Loved getting to see you lots this summer!!!

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