“A strange fate befalls us all.”

So said Ned Wallis’s mother on his eleventh birthday. You probably don’t know who Ned Wallis is. You probably should. We’re reading the One-Eyed Cat in literature these days. On the back cover it’s compared to the works of Willa Cather. I’d agree with that. I was expecting to hate it because the cover is creepy and awful, but I was won over. On a side-note, I must cure myself of the proclivity to hate everything new and different.


Back to the strange fate. My literary homeroom was well-documented last year. These were the nerds (and I say that with utmost affection and respect) who chose to be Kjergaard’s Conwicts because of Charles Dickens and Great Expectations. This year we’re Kjergaard’s Knuggets. That would be a silent ‘K.’ Because silent letters are all the rage. Just ask anyone in a northern European country. I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.

There are seeds of nerd-dom slowly emerging. It’s something I try to bring out in my students. If you can’t be nerdy at school where can you be? For instance: they are dutifully learning fifteen French words. These are just simple vocab words for things they see everyday in the classroom. They begged me to come up with a list. Begged, I tell you. Nerds.

More excitement from this week. These shoes. I had been eyeing them for months at Le Gap. Finally they were on sale. Final Sale. And I had a 40% off coupon thanks to my sister. It’s in the Kjergaard constitution that one family member must be employed by Gap or a Gap affiliate at all times. Ali and Stas, get ready. Your turn cometh. I wore them Thursday. I think they were too distracting. Kids asked if I made them myself. They would break out of rigid formation in the halls to tell me how much they liked them. A representative from the cool group of girls came over to tell me that they had agreed these were the best shoes. I like a good compliment as much as the next person (probably more), but it was too much. The shoes may have to be retired from school. At least until I need a huge ego boost.

 These were the most popular things I’ve worn to sixth grade. They surpassed the leopard print jeans. I can envision a time of my life when I don’t dress to please eleven and twelve year olds, but I don’t think I want to go to there.



2 thoughts on ““A strange fate befalls us all.”

  1. I am so nerdy that I want to see the vocab list. Please do a post on it! Also, the praise of the cool girl group is high praise indeed and those shoes totally merit it. You are a beacon of good taste in their life.

    Umm….. can you just add silent letters to things? Is that allowed?

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