Deserts of the World

Unit 1 for history. It’s hard to convince kids that they actually will end up liking history after the most exciting thing they encounter in a lesson is the fact that a rare cactus from the Chihuahuan desert being sold for 1,000 francs in 1832. Yes, that did happen. I don’t know how much that is right in 2012 US dollars; please don’t ask! I made up new number for each of my four classes.

But we’re plugging along. We do a lot of drawing of cool cacti in our notebooks. And then the cacti stories start flowing. I’ll bet you didn’t know it was a genre. They all go something like… “I was walking along/running in a field in TX/hunting for an Easter egg/playing in my backyard and I ran into/stumbled over/sat on/landed on/kicked/etc. a cactus.” I have heard every variation under the sun. The weirdest thing is is that the kids are fascinated by each other’s stories. They genuinely listen to the same story over and over, laughing and groaning at all the appropriate times. And that’s why I like kids. They have a much greater love for the repetitive than adults.

On another note: I am becoming my mother! I’m sure she’ll read this with glee. Today I told my homeroom that whatever junk they didn’t have in their lockers (the lockers float and there’s a good eight inches below) I was going to put in a large trash bag at the end of the day. I haven’t quite decided what I’m going to do with all their stuff yet. Some heeded my warnings. A few will have to learn the hard way.


4 thoughts on “Deserts of the World

  1. Mr. Otte collects the stuff from the SJ locker rooms and sells it back to the kids for $.50 per item. At the end of the quarter, the unclaimed items are placed on a table in the office for 3 days for purchase and then leftovers are donated to charity. (Funniest was when a student complained about paying $1.00 to buy back the $100+ brand new basketball shoes that he left on the floor . . . too bad they didn’t fit Mr. otte or he might have had a new pair of shoes!) Not sure what he does with the money (chapel offering?), but I think he should take his wife out for coffee.

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