10 Reasons I love being a teacher (for this week)

  1. Having my students use this picture as a prompt made me the toast of the sixth grade town for two/three days.


    2. I had two students ask me if we would get to learn about the Crimean War this year. The Crimean War! These are high caliber sixth grade historians.

    3. Homemade baklava as a teacher appreciation treat. On a related note, I eat too much sugar.

    4. I get to read Great Expectations out loud again!

    5. Queen Elizabeth waving from the window sill has disconcerted and charmed many students. At first they first thought she was Barabara Bush which is super weird considering the fact that I hardly know who Barbara Bush is. (First lady up until I was 5, I think).

    6. Little things make them really happy. I suggested a book mending party (our history books are falling to pieces!), and you would’ve thought I’d offered to fly them to Disney Land.

    7. I have the most amazing team (three other sixth grade teacher and two sixth grade tutors). We’re kind of the happy family Michael Scott was always hoping to recreate in The Office. Case in point: we’re tail-gating the Air Force Game this afternoon. Because spending five days a week together just isn’t enough.

    8. I get to check out as many books from the library as I want. Today I grabbed this never-been-checked-out one. The cover is pretty awesome.


    9. I get to be bossy. 

    10. This will give them nightmares. Watch this for a laugh. Also, giving the sixth grade version of Oedipus was tough. I whittled it down to being about the unavenged murder of the king of Thebes. It falls to his successor to find out who the murderer was and punish him so the gods will lift the plague from Thebes. Left out all the mother/wife, gouging out of the eyes stuff. 


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