Late on New Year’s Resolution, I know.

For me, NYR are much more of a redux. I consider my year to begin in August or September with the new school year. This year I was going to make my bed every day, clean my apartment for 20 minutes everyday, get back into running, and watch less tv.

I made my bed up until October. I cleaned through September. And I was back into running by Thanksgiving which was just in time for the weather to get cold and holidays to hit which gave me the perfect excuse to get out of running again. And I did watch less tv, but I had to take the drastic measure of getting rid of the internet. Guess what comes tomorrow? Comcast guy to get me back to the 21st century.

So clearly, I am the kind of person who needs to make resolutions twice a year. I re-resolve to do all of the above with a few additions.

  1. Stop saying “does this make sense?” I have never ever had a child answer in the affirmative to that question. I hate being asked it by other people, and it just strikes me as very condescending.
  2. Yoga. This is kind of easy because it happens in the classroom after school. I am kind in awe of my friend K with whom I teach. She has five kids, teaches full time, and somehow is incredibly strong and can do thousands of yoga pushups (or at least double what I can do). 
  3. Eat at the kitchen table. Bed is my preferred spot, but in a pinch I eat anywhere in my apartment but my table. It’s shameful, really.
  4. Make a baby blanket for my friend Julie. I said I was going to do this for her first baby. It didn’t happen. 
  5. Throw Dickens a better birthday party this year. I know last year was the big day, but I feel like I slacked with bagels and cream cheese. This year I think layer cake needs to happen. Once again, I am so thankful that I have students who grasp any occasion for a party. I’m not sure how people celebrate birthdays and anniversaries of beloved authors.

That’s enough of that. None of these are remotely serious, but they have been weighing on my mind. Thankfully, they’re all incredibly achievable. I actually bought the cutest cupcake wrappers in preparation for Dickens’s bday party (It’ll be February 7). 


5 thoughts on “Resolved…

  1. I think you need to give yourself some credit and recognize #4 as very serious. It also needs this sentence tacked on: “Deliver handmade blanket in person.”

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