Things that make me smile

I first title this “Things that are making me smile” but decided to go with active voice. Thank you Drs. Jackson and Somerville.


This book is funny, a little irreverent, and reminds us that things were pretty bad for the majority of the French people prior to the Revolution. As someone steeped in The Scarlet Pimpernel it’s good to remember that the aristocrats were not all that great. Also, this has great stories and facts to share with my sixth graders. For example: Steel explains the practice of conscripting the peasant for military service while exempting wealthy landowners: “So the idea was noblemen would suffer from military service, but if your job was shooing noisy frogs out of your landlord’s earshot, joining up would be a relief. It’s as if modern army recruitment officers wandered around the aisles of Wal-Mart with recruitment forms, suggesting to the staff, ‘Even if you get bayonetted, frankly we’ll have done you a favor.'”


Meyer lemons smell heavenly, taste so much better than normal lemons, and practically glow. A tarte will be made this week. Ever since I started using this David Leibovitz recipe I have been a tarte making machine (actually, I’ve made three or four tartes).


This water bottle is glass (no BPA, durable) and pale pink. I have been drinking water like a champion these past few days. It’s a Boka bottle and they are on amazon prime, like everything else I buy (not joking). It was a little pricy, but I used Christmas gift cards to buy it.


New shoes are one of life’s true joys. And these are leopard print! I think I’ve crossed the Rubicon, though. I have a leopard print sweater, jeans, shorts, and now shoes. This strikes me as  flamboyant elderly lady meets Jersey shore. It is what it is.


Goldfish are my favorite snack cracker. They have been ever since I was little and would eat them while reading Little House on the Prairie books and Clever Gretel. I’m also pretty anti-sugar in the class room. Hence little bags of goldfish for my students. The fish represent their yearly income (hence the “gold”), and then I get to play french king tomorrow and tax the bejeebers out of them. Some of them end up in debt. It’s great fun. And after the whining about unfairness on Friday (life isn’t fair, kids) everyone gets to eat a snack.

p.s. There’s another post about class on Friday. It was hilarious/nerve-wracking/fashionable.


2 thoughts on “Things that make me smile

  1. Bethany Gracie-where did you get those shoes? Do I detect calfskin in the photo? Also, when are you going to make a lemon tart for us? Ok, no more questions!

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