My church and I had our one year anniversary this past week. In this year at IAC (International Anglican Church) I became involved in small groups, started helping with Sunday school, and today I brought rolls for a reception, so I think I’m well on my way to being a church lady (which was always the goal).

Regardless of the fact that the building is so ugly (beautiful churches just aren’t in the cards for me), and I don’t love love the worship music, this place feels like home. 

After feeling very rootless since graduating from college, Colorado Springs has become home. Little roots begin to dig in. 

*The picture is not actually of my church, but of Shove Chapel of Colorado College where we occasionally have special services.


3 thoughts on “Churchiversary

  1. Congratulations! It’s so wonderful having a church home.
    * I saw the heading and was immediately curious because many of my fellow Army-wife friends celebrate an anniversary – the day they married their Army man at the courthouse before he deployed – and a churchiversary – the day they had a church wedding when he returned!

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