Top Ten Best/Weirdest Moments of April 1-6

Best and weirdest are not mutually exclusive. At least they aren’t in the sixth grade. The below are a snapshot of the week.

1) Technically this happened on March 31, but this jump shot was amazing. Murphy chose not to participate because he has weak ankles and bad timing. Also, I think I got like three feet of air (more than my taller siblings)!


2) My fig tree sprouted a fig over Spring Break although all the leaves were moldy.

3) I tried my first coconut beer on Wednesday, and I liked it.

4) So much origami! I eventually got mean about it, and said that I would rip the next paper crane in half. I didn’t have to do it, but I saw nary a paper crane for the rest of the week (they were shooting for a thousand).


5) WE WON THE SPRING BREAK READING COMPETITION!!! That’s right, after a stunning victory over fall break we really tanked. But we’re back, and we’re louder and prouder than ever. We clocked in with a grand total of 25, 675 pages.

6) I diagrammed my first sentence on Friday. I can’t stop doing it. Also this site will diagram anything for you if you don’t make it too complicated.

7) I copied this outfit (minus the cropped sweater, heels, and wide-leg trousers) and it was a hit with adults and children.


(image via my pinterest)

8) There were around 40 little wrists and hands engraved with a #5. Yes, solidarity for Kevin Ware was a big deal in CO this week. I had to remind the kids that he wasn’t dead (some of them thought he died on the court!) and that he’d be back in a few months. They were really really fascinated by the injury.

9) I got to retell the story of Lady Godiva. It’s actually a pretty awesome story, but it has its awkward moments. There’s a reference to Lady Godiva in one of our read aloud book, and as the history teacher I was called upon to explain.

10) This morning I ran in Monument Valley Park. I literally live blocks away from this park, but had never been on the south side. Well, there is a gazebo, pond, rose garden, community pool, and all manner of good things. When I lived in Michigan, I loved going to an old-timey quiet park with big trees on summer afternoons. I would take a blanket, a book, and a peach and spend a few hours reading or napping. Well…this just became my summer reality again.


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