Well, another Kjergaard March Madness has come and gone. Sadly, I did not win. It was Kari or Mom, although I think Dad bent the rules. But I digress.

Kjergaards will bet on anything. It could be how long it takes that luggage to arrive at the baggage claim (DIA is notoriously slow). Or we take turns passing around the buzzer while waiting at a restaurant. Anything becomes an opportunity to be right. It’s natural then that we would all participate in March Madness. In general, we all have pretty set roles that we take.

Dad: Easily the most knowledgeable about whatever it is we’re betting on, he usually comes in first or second place. I should also mention that Dad always organizes and always doles out the prizes. Yes, we have a March Madness pool into which we don’t pay into. Spoiled!

Mom: she picks by choosing weird names or going for underdogs, although I’m pretty sure she picked Lousiville this year despite the scummy head coach!

Me: Hands-down I care the most of everyone. At any given time, I know the rankings of our family as well as having more or less memorized their brackets. Unfortunately, this kind of enthusiasm doesn’t pay off in the long run. Especially because I always pick the same teams to win. (Duke for NCAA Champions, England for the World Cup!)

Kari: I think Kari uses some variation of Mom’s strategy. For example: she picked Michigan to go all the way because I had gone to school in the state of MI. This served her well.

Alison: This kid could be a killer. She does her research, but just hasn’t hit her sweet spot yet. She’s also kind of ruthless in her picks. Sentimentality does not figure in.

Stas: I’m not exactly sure of Stas’s strategy, but his bracket was impressive these past two years. For someone who didn’t grow up filling out a March Madness bracket, I’ve been impressed with how well he did (I think he won last year!) Clearly, he must possess a natural instinct for picking the winner.

It’s going to be a slow summer for us. No World Cup until 2014. No Olympics until Winter 2014. Although the Kentucky Derby is coming up so there might be something in that.


3 thoughts on “Bracketology

  1. Nice! We only get into Hockey and the Olympics. I definitely mentioned that if we had a newborn in time for Feb 2014 (more than 9 months away, so I suppose anything is possible), we probably wouldn’t even notice the sleep deprivation. “No, I’m not tired from the baby … I spent all night glued to the Women’s Cross-Country Slalom!”
    Do you have tips for Olympic bets?

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