“In the words of Martin Luther King…

…I’ve just got to go for it.” (These are not the words of MLK Jr. but 30 Rock. Thank you, Tina Fey).


This weekend was very nice. I hadn’t been here in the Springs for the weekend since before Christmas. Settling back in to my weekend rhythm felt good.

The new coffee shop in town (The Wild Goose) was visited and approved. They have sunshine, reclaimed wood counters, open shelving, and good coffee. Need I say more? Also, the weather was glorious. I know weather talk is boring, but I really, really love the weather. And like any old soul, I always ask my friends about the weather.

I ran in a tank top and shorts twice! And not to brag, but I’m kind of killing it. Like, I would probably be a middle-of-the-pack cross-country runner on a not-super-great high school team. But last year I couldn’t run a mile, so baby steps. I also credit my “break-through” to the realization that speed work is supposed to feel like work. You should be breathing hard, and your legs should feel a little shaky afterwards.

I saw the movie Jack Ryan with the work ladies. I was prepared to dislike it, but Kenneth Branagh played the Russian villain (and kind of stole the show). I settled in to my seat, and rooted for him to steal Keira Knightley away from that Star Trek guy. Spoiler alert: middle-aged, Russian villains never get the girl.

I grocery shopped, got fancy pizza with a friend, painted a giant ceramic mug with chalkboard paint, bought two new plants, bought wax-coated black skinny jeans, watched the Australian Open at all hours of the night (seriously, I woke up at 3 a.m. to watch Federer beat Tsonga), and made scones. All in all, it was the perfect blend of being social and solitary, productive and lazy.

Note: I take sports watching pretty seriously. Thank you internet for streaming most things live these days. That being said, why can’t the Australian Open be a little tape-delayed. I woke up around 5 this morning to watch Djokovic get beat in a tie-breaker. Rough start to the week for both of us.


Oh Fed-er-er…so classy…



One thought on ““In the words of Martin Luther King…

  1. This post captures pretty much everything I love about you. Also, as much as I hate tennis and getting up in the middle of the night, I would totally do it if I could eat scones with you.

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