Valentine’s Day came and went. We had an awesome class party with cheetos and cupcakes and so much candy. Also glitter glue. I got three valentines proclaiming that I was “duck-tastic.” So I think that that probably trumps a romantic dinner with a significant other, no?




Truly, despite being pretty disabled and embittered by my singleness (I jest), I enjoy Valentine’s Day. I’ve gotten interested in watercolors lately, and I decided to make a few valentines for my nearest and dearest. And then I kept painting and painting and thinking of more and more people that needed a handmade card with writing that looked as if it had been painted in blood by a serial killer. Or a kindergartener. Or both. Anyways, I found that as I was writing my notes out I felt so grateful and glad that I had so many people to love and be loved by. There were newer friends, old friends, family, a whole smorgasbord of love. 


And I received the most beautiful valentine from my friend and colleague. Lovely, isn’t it? Isn’t it funny how people come into your life? I often marvel at how strangers and co-workers become friends and not just friends but friends that feel like family. So happy belated Valentine’s Day to everyone. And next year, let me know if you want to be on the super-homemade Valentine list!


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