Things that got done this week

1) We finished The Odyssey. We also did a lot of hating on Odysseus. Liberal arts proponent though I be, I cannot discover just what is so amazing about Odysseus. In the abstract, I get it, but when we’re reading together (even the lovely Robert Fagles translation) I rebel against the canon. After all, how can we laud a man who won’t even pet his dying 20-year-old dog who feebly wags his tail when he recognizes his long-lost master? Can’t be done. I mean, Dante put Ulysses in Hell. Just saying.

2) 4 ingredient Nutella brownies. Recipe here. They are pretty delicious. I made them for my fellow teachers, who are also moms with a lot of baking experience, and they declared them good.

3) Wrapped up Evil and the Justice of God over margaritas and burgers at Applebee’s? Yeah, occasionally my small group meets at chain restaurants to discuss weighty topics.

4) Ended the French Revolution in history. Well, Napoleon kind of did, and I helped. We do a lot of head-shaking in history. How could the French be so foolish? Didn’t they see that Napoleon seizing power looked a lot like Julius Caesar’s power grab? And didn’t they find it ironic that they needed another absolute monarch to actually put the revolutionary principles into practice? And was there cheering when I announced we would be having debates about Napoleon Monday and Tuesday (which means research and writing)? Yes, yes there was. I’ll let you all know what we decide. Since we know it all.

5) Ran around the neighborhood. Enjoyed an easy week of training before I really start to build up the mileage for ye old half marathon. Currently listening to a book about why American education is so bad.

6) Planned all the outfits of TCAP week. Yes, to celebrate our week of standardized testing all the 6th grade teachers dress in matching outfits. Here’s the schedule: 

Monday – All black (we are mourning the fact that we lose a week of teaching time)

Tuesday – Stripes on Stripes (b/c we’re in jail?)

Wednesday – Colored pants and denim shirts (we hit the colored pants pretty hard in the 6th grade)

Thursday – Black skirts, white shirts, Chuck Taylors (I mentioned that sneaks were all over fashion week and this is what we ended up with. Sigh.)

Monday – Green for St. Patty’s day and Orange (for William of Orange, Protestants represent!)

Planning these outfits may have been the most important thing that happened this week. And I’m not ashamed that it took some serious discussion and debate and is pencilled in to my lesson plans.


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