March Madness – Kjergaard Style

Every year we fill out brackets. I can honestly say that I don’t watch a college game before the NCAA tournament starts. I texted my dad in a panic last weekend when I felt like I was seeing too many college games on tv at a bar. He assured me that we had not forgotten to fill out our brackets but that the madness was still a week away. Relief was palpable.

So yes. The rules of filling out brackets are pretty general. Midwest over either coast. West over East. Dad broke this by picking Oregon over Wisconsin. Seriously! He’s the one that made the Midwest rule! State schools over Ivy Leagues (although I picked Hahvahd for the upset last year and this year). Mostly, we pick with the reckless abandon of the uneducated with no actual loyalties to any team. Oh, and I always pick Duke. So stupid because they have disappointed me the past three years. I think this is it for us. It’s just convenient to know what team you’re picking to win it all.

Last night, we started a mad texting thread about the games. Our topics covered everything from which commercials we preferred, why basketball coaches dress up, percent of upsets these days, players’ looks (as in good-looking or homely or looking like you belong at an Ivy League school), the idiocy of half-time interviews with coaches, why mom always roots for the underdog, why I hate rooting for the underdog, and it goes on and on. Oh, and this all happened while Ali was in a dumb waiter at college. It kind of sounds like a horror movie waiting to happen, but she seemed safe enough to be texting.

So at this point…I can only hope for some major losses because my bracket is hurting something fierce. I think Kari has the highest potential score, but Mom and Dad are in the lead. I’m going to need Creighton to lose eventually and Mercer to keep winning.



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