The Slippery Slope

First of all, I had no idea I take so many instagrams of my shoes. Better than duckface and cleavage, right?

Back in the day I used to delight in wearing ballet flats, embroidered, bedazzled, bows, etc. And then I got the navy tennis shoes from Gap last year. At first, I only wore them with jeans or shorts on the weekends. And then khakis. And then skirts. And then I wore them to a wedding I was in. Just kidding. I wore Jenny’s shoes.


Then came the Danskos. My mom has a pair that she loves. The sartorialist posted this picture a year or two ago. I pinned it, and there it sat until I discovered ebay and the ability to buy pricy shoes cheaply. Welcome, sweet danskos. Thank you for giving me such comfort.




And then the Birkenstocks started showing up everywhere. Beautiful models wearing black Birks with everything. And so once again, I hopped back on ebay. I wore these this past week. It was kind of an Emperor’s New Clothes situation. My students were visibly confused as to why I was wearing wool sock and ugly sandals on a snowy Tuesday (for the record, wool camp socks keep my feet warmer than all traditional footware). It was glorious. And so now I’m just padding around the house where I’m dog-sitting enjoying the comfort of a truly supportive sole. 


As if that wasn’t bad enough…I was watching Hannibal through my fingers (I spend most of the episode with the volume muted and my hand and fingers covering the screen). Will Graham is in a mental institution. Can they keep patients in creepy basements like that? But I was struck by the shoes he was wearing. They were perfectly blue/grey with velcro straps and a nice thick sole. No shoelaces for crazies like Will, I’m afraid. And for a second, I thought, “I could really go for a pair of those.” But that may be a bridge too far…


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