Hike for Brunch

One of the loveliest things about having gone to college is having made some college friends. Before I knew it, these “college friends” became “old friends” (I know I’ve written about this before) because college was a long time ago. Anyways, one of my closest friends in college moved to Colorado a year and a half ago, and we’ve been rejoicing ever since.

And by rejoicing I mean talking miles a minute and eating delicious food whenever we can get together. For a long time, I’ve wanted to hike the Manitou Springs Incline. That is a bit of a lie, actually. For a while I’ve felt a sense of obligation to hike the Incline. Small children do it all the time. People do it once a week. So yeah, peer pressure played a role in this. 

I am not a happy hiker. You can ask my sisters about the infamous 21st birthday 14er. It wasn’t pretty. Harsh words were spoken by me. However, I generally don’t yell at my friends, so I thought I would be safe with Jenny. While I didn’t yell at Jenny, I did tell her she could hike ahead of me. Jenny, in her wisdom, pushed on and let me sort through my dark night of the soul.

I like to think of the Incline as the great equalizer. It’s hard for everyone except these strange old men with calves the size of cantaloupes. There’s a lot of camaraderie as you hike up. There’s also a false summit. However, Jenny and I spent a good part of the hike up thinking that the true summit was the false summit. Once we realized it was the real summit we bounded up to the top, took some awesome pictures and hiked down to enjoy brunch. Actually, we didn’t bound so much as stolidly step up again and again and again. 



Then the rest of the day was spent chatting and eating and cooking followed by a little Chopped in which I explained all the rules to Jenny. This was so riveting that Jenny promptly fell asleep. Although truly, Jenny sleeps during tv shows a lot. Unless, Jenny is given the task of watching Silence of the Lambs and telling us when we can watch because the scary part(s) is/are over. Yes, we did this. Jenny’s much tougher Jared, James, and me.

***May I recommend the mantra “hike for brunch”? Nothing spurs on the human soul like the promise of fresh coffee and pancakes (or omelettes, eggs benedict, etc.)


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