They will know they are loved…

by my craft projects and shoes.

I am pretty deficient at small talk. You want to talk about the current crisis in Iraq? Gaza? Bring it on. Talking about what we did last weekend, lame. So since I’m a little shaky on the “how was your summer” stuff, I try to show my students I care in other ways.


I made pink eraser place cards for everyone. It took about two seconds and I only slit my leg with the exacto knife once, so I think that’s a success.

I nested a ton this year. Chalkboard walls were painted. Giant ikea baskets that no one is allowed to touch were procured. I spray-painted. They won’t notice at all, but nesting helps me prepare my heart for a new class. Also, I took care of about 5 nagging things that have bothered me for the past 3 years.


I wore high heels. My love of the ugly shoes has been well documented. My fashion board on pinterest turned into the Birkenstock board. But today, I set all Northern European comfort aside (Clarks, Danskos, and Birkenstocks) in favor of the clunky Gap clog thing. I don’t know if these are the shoes one would wear to catch a man. My guess is probably not, but boy, these pack a wallop with the 6th grade. The boys tend to be in awe that walking in said shoes is possible. And the girls just love love love the color and the height. Bonus points for exciting toe nail polish. So that’s my strategy for winning the hearts and minds of 6th graders. 

I did overhear one student say incredulously, “I think we’re going to laugh a lot in this class.” Hopefully not “at” anyone in particular, but I’m okay with laughter. Laughing is about as good for the soul as anything else I can think of. 

The year is off to a solid start. I felt so relaxed and confident. I knew what I was doing more or less the entire time. Although, truly, my idea of “knowing what I’m doing” has changed the more I teach. We’ll call that a sign of maturity. 


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