Beauty Routines


I hate it when people don’t blog  and are really vague about their reasons for taking a break. So…I am in a relationship. With the Department of Human Services. I am in a lot of training and doing a lot of homework to become a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate). This means I will be appointed by a judge in child abuse/neglect cases and will advocate for the child. I’m sure I’ll write more about it later, but so far it’s taken up a lot of time. On the nights I’m not in class, I’m working through homework.

But the title of this was beauty routines. Basically, it’s based off of a conversation I had with my beautiful (inside and out) sister Kari about our beauty routines (or lack thereof).

In magazines or fashion blogs, I always read all of the recommendations about face creams, oils, serums. I love Q&As about beauty routines. No one ever wants to claim that their beauty routine is complicated. Everyone touts simplicity, while simultaneously describing a multi-step process involving multiple products. I can’t keep up with the trends. Now we put oils on our faces? Ok. And mists? What?

But the truth is…Kjergaard woman have everyone beat in the simplicity department. Even the Scandinavian minimalists from whom we are descended. Unless they have all been hiding something from me, they do not wash their faces. There is no eye makeup getting washed off. I have never understood people who can’t go to bed until their face is washed. I completely understand that this is kind of gross, but follow my reasoning. If you wash your face, it takes about half and hour to get ready for bed. I am too tired and lazy. I think skin is mostly genetics anyway because we all do all right in that department. So without further ado, my secrets (handed down from my mother and also practiced by my sisters) unveiled:

1) Decide to get ready for bed super early. Around 9:30. Maybe getting a lot of sleep is the key?

2) Take ponytail out. Because haircare really is important.

3) Brush teeth.

4) Go to bed and fall asleep by 10.

In the morning, we awake well-rested but looking like we’ve had a hard night. I have permanent dark circles under my eyes. I pretend they’re hereditary, but I’m pretty sure this is years of mascara seeping into my skin as I sleep. C’est la vie.

We do clean up well. Just not at night before bed.
We do clean up well. Just not at night before bed.

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