Spring Cleaning

I was not raised to let closets get into this state.
I feel compelled to say that my mother did not raise me like this.

Just like everyone else I bought The Magic Art of Tidying-Up. And then I left it with my mom. She read it and liked it. Then she returned it, and I promptly put it on the shelf without cracking it open.

I love clothes, and I love stuff. I don’t love clutter in other houses, but I like my things heaped around me. But I also live in a small apartment. Not small by NYC standards, but small by Colorado Springs standards. Something’s gotta give. And so a few weeks ago I started purging appliances, clothes, books, decor, throw blankets, beauty products, etc.

I have a high threshold for clutter and piles. I wish I was one of those highly-motivated, type-A gals who can’t sleep until the dishes are done. Or one of those women who puts her clothes away instead of heaping them on the chair. But alas, I can sleep the sleep of the righteous no matter what state the kitchen is in, and heaps of clothes don’t say slatternly, to me they say cozy.

Based on the first paragraph, you’d expect me to talk about how I read the book, and it changed my life. But I still haven’t read it. And I probably won’t. Because when you can read a book about Apollo 13 or Pixar or Gone with the Wind a book devoted to tidying up is just not high on my list. However, I did use the index. I turned to the page on folding clothes, read through the strategy for organizing clothing in drawers, and went to work. And my drawers are a thing of beauty. I may leave them hanging open just for the heck of it now. Who am I kidding? I leave the drawers open all the time because who really has the extra 5 seconds to shove a drawer back into place. I need to devote that time to something life-changing, like Trivia Crack.

A thing of beauty is a joy forever.
A thing of beauty is a joy forever.

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