Work Uniform

I’ve already documented our work tradition of dressing in matching outfits for standardized testing weeks. We’ve done this for years, and now it truly feels like a nice vacation from deciding what to wear.

Somedays, I look at my students with envy. They never have to decide what to wear. And when they’re all dressed the same, I really see them. I know that sounds strange, but I think that the simplicity of their outfits actually allows me to really focus on their faces. Not that I’m just sitting there staring at them all day (although the teacher stare is a powerful tool). But, somehow without the burden of dressing for their peers they can just be themselves. And let me tell you, uniforms do not squelch personality at all.

So then the Matilda Kahl article came out about wearing the same thing to work every day. And while I don’t think I could do that, there were so many “aha” moments as I read the article. Decision fatigue is real. Clothing crises happen, and I rush out of the door late, unsatisfied with what I’ve picked out, a heap of clothes on my bed and my floor that I will later have to pick up and put away.

So this week I’m trying it out. I’m giving myself a uniform. Skinny pants (because that’s most of what I  own now anyways), white shirt (because they are legion), and cardigan (because even though it’s warmer outside my classroom thermometer has yet to get the memo). Oh and I’ll wear flat shoes. Because I literally cannot remember the last time I wore heels.

I may take pictures and report back at the end of the week. Or I may not if I wimp out, and it feels too narcissistic.


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