Beauty Tips

As a 6th grade teacher, I get to observe lots of girls on the cusp of what will be a lifelong relationship with beauty. I always hope that they’love hold off on wearing make-up for a few more years, but I also remember wanting to put everything on my face in 7th grade.

Our girls can’t wear make-up yet (per our dress code) but here are the things I observe:

1) Curled hair. For picture day hair is curled. But in general once a week a few girls will really make the effort to come to school with perfectly curled hair. They all pretty much have one-length haircuts and usually their hair is clean, brushed and pulled back. But I’ve been trying it out lately man, bouncy  curls makes you feel like you’re in your own  Mary Tyler Moore show opening credits.

2) Chapstick. Chapstick isn’t lipstick. And they slather it on all the time. But it’s actually super practical since CO is so dry. The flaky, cracked lips can happen in a day if you don’t drink water and apply Chapstick. But it just cracks me up to watch them applying it while using a mirror.

3) Fun Nail Polish. I probably won’t get on board with this b/c I’m hard on my hands. But I love the level of artistry and creativity here. I still have a weird love of owning dozens of colors of nail polishes even if I only wear the dior glow polish on my fingernails.

4) Hand Sanitizers. I’m not sure why hand lotion isn’t a thing, but they all have multiple scents of those teeny tiny bath and bodyworks hand sanitizers. I think it’s their version of perfume. I found an old one in my car yesterday,  and since I’ve been sick for a week I decided to slather it on.  That stuff is potent. I smelled like a highly artificial cherry blossom the rest of the day.



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